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Welcome to we can get you the best bicycle insurance that is available on the market right here, right now. Get comparing policies instantly. We can get you the very best cycle insurance prices and that’s our promise.

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The bicycle insurance comparison method we use can generate a quote or many quotes, this depends on your criteria, if you require protection against theft, we can get you appropriate cover for you when you want it all within the UK.

If you want to know a little more about the benefits of getting bicycle insurance then we have written an extensive article or guide so that you are more intuitive to see if you need cover.

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Obtaining a cheap bicycle insurance is a breeze when you use us, you fill in a little form online which takes a couple of minutes and you will be given a comparison of products to look at.

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Pedal Sure is a fantastic insurer that specifically covers bicycle insurance, they are specialists within this field and we are very happy to spread the word, find out more about Pedal Sure.

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This is the best place to get yourself bicycle insurance that covers you and your bike!

Our policies can also cover for touring insurance

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